Hungry for some sopapilla cheesecake this Thanksgiving? If you live in Texas, you're not alone.

According to Google researchers, the dessert is Texas' distinct Thanksgiving recipe and the most commonly searched for recipe (besides anything turkey, of course) in the state. It's also Oklahoma's distinct Thanksgiving recipe, but they clearly copied us because why wouldn't they.

Betty's Kitchen via YouTube

The researchers ignored the obvious most popular dish trope and instead focused on the Thanksgiving recipes that stand out for each state. So consider these dishes the most popular distinct or unusual Thanksgiving recipes.

Sopapilla cheesecake, which is made up of cream cheese, sugar, vanilla, butter, cinnamon and dough, is popular in South American cuisine, which may help account for its popularity in Texas.

If you've somehow never tried sopapilla cheesecake, here's a recipe you can try to whip up for turkey day. And below you can see the delicious dish prepared.

[via NY Times]