For the first time, maybe ever Walmart will be closed on Thanksgiving day this year. I don't ever remember Walmart being closed on any other day than Christmas. This year the retail giant has decided to close it's doors and allow employees to spend time with their families. This will be all Walmart stores across the Nation. Which means you won't have to jump start your Black Friday shopping. You can enjoy your meal and time with friends and family then hit the stores the next morning for all the Black Friday deals. Which is the way it should be.

I have only went shopping once on Black Friday years and years ago when it was actually on Friday morning verses Thanksgiving day or night. I avoid the stores on Thanksgiving and refuse to shop on that day regardless of the deals because I don't agree with it. People need a break and should be spending time with their loved ones on Thanksgiving not stuck at work dealing with in my opinion is the worst of the worst. I can honestly say that I will never go shopping on Black Friday ever again, once was enough. I'll pay more, even a lot more just to avoid all the craziness and insanity.

I'm glad Walmart is doing this for their employees, especially with the year we've had so far. Our essential workers need and more than deserve a break. Plus I'm sure the COVID-19 pandemic will still be with us in November. I hope not, but more than likely it will. Hopefully other retailers will do the same and allow their workers to stay at home with family this Thanksgiving and save the shopping madness for Black Friday.

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