With all the craziness with Covid, I forgot about the people licking ice cream.

Back in 2019, you may remember a trend of Blue Bell Ice Cream lickers. People that would go to the store, open the ice cream, lick it and put it back on the shelf. It all started with a girl who was juvenile, so her name was not released. A lot of people followed the trend and one of those people was allegedly D'Adrian Anderson.

I say allegedly because he claims he licked the ice cream, put it back on the shelf, then stopped recording back in March of 2020. Then went and purchased the ice cream he licked. He does have a receipt as proof of him purchasing a carton of Blue Bell on that day. Before this was found out, the store disposed of all the ice cream in the freezer.

This happened in Port Arthur, Texas and D'Adrian Anderson was forced to pay a $1,000 fine. He also had to pay Blue Bell $1,565 in restitution for the ice cream the store disposed of. If that wasn't enough he also had to serve 30 days in jail and be on probation for 180 days.

Looks like D'Adrian Anderson did not take his probation very seriously. He got a trespassing charge and also was failing to make probation meetings. District Attorney for Port Arthur, Bob Wortham says Judge Terrence Holmes granted the motion Thursday to  order Anderson to serve the full 180 days in the Jefferson County Jail.

So remember kids, don't do the dumb viral challenges that face real jail time if you're busted. You're literally giving them video evidence of your stupidity.

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