The City of Lawton could use our help in keeping Lawton, Fort Sill beautiful. Pretty soon Spring will be here and we're already starting to feel the temperatures and the season changing. I don't know about you but I'm ready for Spring and Summer. We'll all be back in the yard working and getting our lawns, flower beds, and landscaping looking good. The city would like to remind you about the Oklahoma winds and debris it creates.

There are a few simple things you can do to avoid having leaves, limbs, grass clippings, and other trash litter our neighborhood streets. Make sure you properly bundle limbs and that your lawn clippings and leaves are bagged to keep them from being spread. With Spring comes the storm season and high winds so make sure whatever you set out for garbage collection isn't going to take off and create a mess.

Bag all household trash to be placed in your ploy-cart for pick up. Don't just throw loose trash in the trashcan or it could fly out and cause litter. Don't overfill your cart, make sure the lid can be closed and secured properly. If you take a load to the city dump cover it so that it doesn't blow out on your way there. Lastly do your part, when you see debris or litter pick it up and throw it away so we can keep Lawton beautiful.

See the official press release below from the City of Lawton below with more useful trash tips:

City of Lawton
City of Lawton

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