When you set out to combine two of the manliest pastimes in history, of course the only outcome is the humble shotgun guitar.

Granted, it's not actually a 'guitar' per say... It's a traditional Delta Blues guitar. Three strings, homemade, and awesomely greasy with that fat dirty sound. The only thing missing is the cigar box most people build these with.

Being truly well-rounded, if you pop a shell in the chamber, cock the hammer, and pull the trigger, you're a one man band.

Truth be told, anyone can build one of these. There are even kits out there to choose from based on your particular DIY skills. Some come mostly assembled, others come with a couple of strings and an old wooden cigar box. The rest is completely up to you. If you're up for a challenge, and this one is not for the faint of DIY heart, pick up a kit and try it on for size.