With just one week left in the chase, The KLAW Morning Crew thought we'd share our photo album from our trip to the Texas Motor Speedway! I am a racing fan.  Racing of all kinds.  I like my dirt track racing each Saturday night at the Lawton Speedway, and I am a huge fan of Nascar.

I am delighted to be able to share my love of Nascar with my daughter.  She is a Jimmie Johnson fan.  That story is kind of interesting.  They just picked him out of a hat to like.  And just look at how successful Jimmie Johnson has been, with 6 Sprint Cup championships, and currently leading in points for this year.

Last weekend's race was so much fun, as I was not only able to take Whitney and her husband, but a couple of friends that had never been to a Nascar race.  It it so much fun to watch the faces of 'rookies'.  I guess the saying 'everything is bigger in Texas' really rings true at Nascar.  They couldn't believe how big the track was...or the parking lot.  Plus, we had pit passes so we were able to see all of the cars up close.

It was a real treat for this Nascar fan to introduce the sport to a new group of fans.  Here are some photos from our experience. ~ Jeri

Currently my business, JWs Travel Stop, sponsors Harold Winton Sr., Harold Winton Jr., and Chad Howell; three dirt track cars and drivers here in the Lawton area.  I am very familiar with the dirt side of racing, but pavement is another story.

Aside from watching a clip here and there of NASCAR on television, I've never gotten into it, until now.  Cary (my wife), Jessie (my son), and I made this our debut NASCAR experience and I am sold.

The roar of the track, the excitement of the crowd, and of course the ability to put a headset on and listen to the drivers talking with their pit crews, makes for a totally involved exposure to the world of racing.

Jimmy Johnson won with class and Texas affirmed what I already knew, they love Dale Earnhardt Jr.!  Texas Motor Speedway we are about to have a long relationship ~JW