Don't believe everything you hear or see on the internet, especially on Facebook and Twitter. There's been a rumor going around town online and elsewhere that Qdoba on the West side is closing down. IT'S NOT TRUE!

Sure if you pass by their restaurant at 1772 N.W. 82nd Street it looks like they're pulling up stakes and leaving town, but what they're really doing is remodeling the entire building inside and out. We actually called and spoke with them about the rumors and they told us they'd be reopening later this week on Thursday, April 8th (04-08-21). So we won't have to go too long before the doors are back open.

I started hearing about this over the weekend, people saying that the COVID-19 pandemic and lack of sales had closed them down. But, when I went to the official Qdoba "Lawton" Facebook page it was business usual with no mentions of closing or that they would be leaving town. I drove by and it didn't look too good, at first glace it did seem like they were closing things up and preparing to shut down.

So I can see how people thought it was closing, it certainly looked that way. That's why you might have seen it on Facebook or Twitter. It was all over the place this past weekend. Luckily the rumors are false and our Qdoba will remain open in Lawton, once the remodeling is finished later this week.

I'm glad we called and spoke with them to get a straight answer. They said they've been getting a lot of calls from worried people wondering what's going on and if they were closing. Hopefully all will go as planned and the doors will reopen this Thursday, April 8th (04-08-21) if not sometime really soon.

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