The internet has been an amazing thing. Think about it. Fifteen years ago, everybody pretty much carved the same pumpkins. Some triangle eyes and a nose, jagged or squared off teeth, add a candle to finish. Then along comes the web and everyone gets to open their eyes to something new. Ridiculously realistic pumpkin portraits. Artists like Scott Cummins and countless channels on YouTube become Halloween staples this time every year, because they lay out incredible pumpkin carving standards with the wisp of a knife.

Now, to boost those views, the DIY and guide videos are the hot thing. Everyone wants to carve realistic pumpkins. I know I have, and failed gloriously. It's a learning process, and you'll probably have trouble with the curve, but after you learn a ton of ways not to do something, eventually you're only left with the correct methods.

If you haven't tried, give it a try. Pro-Tip: If you wait until Thursday, pumpkin prices will be slashed, and you can work on that pumpkin gobbler if you want to learn on the cheap.

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