Can you imagine how much time it takes to plan the biggest football game and entertainment bonanza of the year? Surely this isn't the type of event that can go from concept to execution in just a few weeks right? Thanks to California's authoritarian rules on Covid though, the 2022 NFL Super Bowl might have to get the duct-tape and WD-40 plan just to happen.

We're currently five weeks and a few days from what should be the biggest sporting event of our year. The 2022 Super Bowl is supposed to take place in the newest, ultra-modern stadium on the NFL roster... but, as cases of the new Covid-19 variants surge across America, there's a real chance California is going to tell the NFL a Super Bowl with fans in attendance will be a no-go in Los Angeles.

Pandemic: Part Three just isn't as fun as Part Two was last summer. It seems that every time we start to beat back at the masses catching cases, we lower our collective guards just enough to allow the rona to sweep right back in to do what it does best.

As California is currently putting new and renewed restrictions in place, like requiring proof of vaccinations and/or negative Covid-19 tests in venues where people converge in mass, the NFL is sweating the potential loss of revenue the California measures could produce.

Luckily, there's no Covid in Texas... At least, much like Oklahoma, that's how most Texans and political leaders in the Lone Star State are acting.

If the NFL is forced to move this massive extravaganza in a crunch-time wobblegong, Arlington has its arms wide open. Jerry Jones has made it publically known he's got everything in order to make the transition a swift and easy one too.

Even as Omicron and IHU cases spiral to new daily highs across our region, having a Super Bowl in your own backyard isn't the worst idea. I mean, just because social distancing and masks aren't something required doesn't mean you couldn't elect to protect yourself for a few hours to actually attend a Super Bowl...

The excitement grows even higher thinking about when a Super Bowl will ever have a chance or reason to come back to the Dallas Cowboy's home turf... They may be 'Dem Boys,' but if history predicts the future, I wouldn't take the over/under on that long shot anytime soon.

Just because there are so many moving parts to putting on a show like this, I would expect a concrete yes/no answer to come from officials in California pretty soon. I wouldn't put it past them to go a little overboard and cancel even the tiniest bit of fun, but surely they wouldn't leave the NFL hanging out to dry.

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