With the season only six months away, Vince McMahon has announced the eight teams and logos that comprise the new XFL "professional" football league.

While the previous attempt to cash in on the billions profited by NFL team owners, McMahon really, really wants a piece of that. If you remember, the original XFL kind of floundered... But seeing as health woes have made it nearly impossible to play the kind of football the NFL league was built on, the XFL is looking to be a beefier, more physical game.

With Bob Stoops stepping out of retirement to head coach the Dallas Renegades, just about every OU fan is watching this closely to see if he's making a money-play, or a legit attempt to coach again. While he's always been a winning coach, Stoops only had good luck with someone else's team. That doesn't mean Dallas won't make whatever championship series the XFL hosts... It just means his odds of winning that big game are slim.

Go Pokes!

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