When my son was very little, maybe right before his 2nd birthday, Santa brought him a Little Tikes Cozy Coupe. Even at 2 years old, Tyler loved that little car.  He couldn't push it with his feet yet, so Mom and Dad had to push him around. 

Man, he loved that car!  It was his first getaway.  When he got mad, he'd crawl behind the wheel and hide from the world.  When he learned how to motivate the car, he was free to roam the whole house, then the yard, then the neighborhood.

Once Tyler was too big for Cozy Coupe, we donated it to our church, where it was well loved by all the kids in pre-school.  I was so excited when my Grandson Lucas got his first Cozy Coupe, it was like a right of passage. Like Big Boy panties and tee ball and soccer.  Lucas's coupe is well loved too, in fact, it's still in his yard so little sister can take drives too.

When I saw this story, my very first instinct was to find out how much they cost so I could get one for Tyler! (1000 hours and about $6500 to build) Oh my gosh, he would love, love this!

Take a look at a real life Cozy Coupe, complete with airbags, head and tail lights and speeds up to 70 miles per hour!


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