It's time for Independence Day in Oklahoma! July 4 is always a day filled with cookouts and outside activities. But based on the forecast, Oklahomans might want to have some alternate plans as thunderstorms and dangerous heat are predicted for Oklahoma on the Fourth of July.

A cold front will move through Oklahoma on July 4.

Although no one wants July 4 fireworks to be rain out, a cold front will actually be a welcomed relief to Oklahomans. According to the National Weather Service in Norman, a cold front is expected to blow through Oklahoma on July 4 bringing along thunderstorms in the late afternoon/evening.

Strong to severe thunderstorms are possible with wind and lightning as the main hazards. As of Monday, July 1, the exact location of the cold front and amount of storms is uncertain. Ares of western and central Oklahoma are predicted to have a better chance of having thunderstorms develop in the late afternoon or evening, which will interrupt July 4 festivities.

It will be HOT before the cold front arrives.

Oklahoma has had several back-to-back days with heat advisories, temperatures in the 100s and feels-like temperatures close to 110. So most Oklahomans may be looking forward to the upcoming cold front more than the Fourth of July.

But before the cold front arrives, Oklahomans will have to put up with a few more days of heat, including July 4. Temperatures are expected to remain in the 100s before the cold front arrives Thursday. After the cold front enters the Sooner State, we'll daily highs back in the low 90s with overnight lows in the high 60s.

National Weather Service in Norman
National Weather Service in Norman

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