While covid has been an afterthought since everyone seemed to catch the Omnicron variant, the next wave of cases is quickly settling into the Sooner State and Tinker Air Force Base is the first to reinstate coronavirus protocols for all personnel.

Beginning immediately all military members, contractors, employees, and visitors must again wear masks inside any building owned, leased, or operated by the installation in Midwest City. In addition, rigorous and constant mandatory testing will resume for all non-vaccinated employees.

Knowing how beaurocracy works, it's only a matter of time before this is the status quo of Fort Sill again.

Odds are you've grown deaf to news about covid. I have to. On the plus side, the latest variant of the virus is a new evolution of the Omicron variant that seemed to catch everyone around Christmas. It's good news because most people came through it with overwhelmingly easy symptoms.

The bad news is the BA-5 Omicron variant is apparently even more contagious than the original, and it doesn't seem to be affected at all by the vaccines or boosters we've all been injected with over the last year and a half... which is sort of a sore subject among the public at the moment.

Due to the enormous bonuses of big pharma CEO's, the publics faith and trust in these health companies has disappeared. If you haven't read about it, you'll find the Moderna story here and the Pfizer story here. Given the way these articles are read, it's no wonder public opinion has soured on the subject, stoking the fires that the pandemic was just a massive money-making venture for the world's most evil industry.

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