Tornadoes can strike at anytime and with the recent storms in Moore and Northern Texas, it is now more important than ever to know the warning signs and have a plan in case of these deadly storms were to form in the local communities. Here are the American Red Cross' tips to be aware and prepared for a tornado.

The Red Cross has a free tornado mobile app for Apple and Android products that gives local and real time information to be aware and prepared before, during and after the storm.

Be aware of the warning signs for a possible tornado for they are most common in the Plains states such as Oklahoma and Kansas. Be on the look out for dark greenish clouds, large hail, and funnel clouds.

Also know the warning signs when the local weather service calls for a tornado watch or a tornado warning. A tornado watch means the conditions are right for them to form, this is when you should make preparations in case one is to form. A tornado warning means one has been spotted in the area and you should set your plan in motion and seek shelter.

Keep in mind The City of Lawton does not have public shelters in case a tornado where to form in the area. This is because they feel it is more safe for citizens to not be on the road making their way to designated public shelters when a storm is here. This is to also keep the roads clear for emergency teams.

Do not wait for a tornado to be visible to seek shelter. Make sure you are in a storm cellar, in a basement or an interior room on the lowest floor with no windows. Mobile Homes are not safe during these storms and if you live in a mobile home you should seek shelter in a sturdy building immediately.

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