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    Tequila Little Time

    Jon Pardi
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    Dylan Scott
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    Almost Maybe's

    Jordan Davis
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    Things a Man Ought to Know

    Lainey Wilson
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    Forever After All

    Luke Combs

    I hope that I can get through this without shedding a tear!  Luke Combs sings my life.  Not many know my back story, but suffice it to say that I have had many broken relationships, and never ever believed that I would find that one true one.  I know that God is in charge of that, but I just didn't believe that he could love me enough to bring that kind of happiness to lil ole me.  Well he did, just about 6 months ago now, I met (re-met) the man of my dreams.  A man that I had known most of my life.  A man whose only wish is for my happiness.  Who knew you could find your Forever After All so late in life?  Thank you Luke Combs for singing my life so well!

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