The main topic for the past several weeks has been the loosening of COVID-19 restrictions and mask mandates. Seems more and more cities, counties and states are doing way with their mandatory regulations and rules concerning public health, as it relates to the pandemic. Of course this has caused a lot of heated debate and arguments over the past couple of weeks. Some say it's too early and others are saying it's about time. Now that we have a wide spread COVID-19 vaccine and most of the population is getting vaccinated, we're all wondering when we'll be seeing a return to normal? It's been so long I can hardly remember normal.

Now that we're seeing better and much lower numbers in the way of recent positive cases, hospitalizations and deaths due to COVID-19 people want out of the house and want to return to a more normal life. That's understandable, the past year or so has been awful. So how do we get back to normal and back to all the things we loved doing prior to the pandemic? Some say along with getting vaccinated we should also have "Vaccine Passports." This would prove that you've been vaccinated and are safe to travel, work and attend concerts, sporting events and large gatherings. The government is also a fan of this apparently. President Joe Biden signed an executive order to research the feasibility of a digital or other type of "Vaccine Passport." Maybe like an app that people could use to quickly and easily show proof of vaccination.

There have been businesses, corporations, city, state and local governments, concert promoters, travel agencies and transportation companies that are asking that a "Vaccine Passport" be required. We could be facing a future that unless you have positive proof of your vaccination you won't be able to travel, go to shows and sporting events and in some cases even go to work. We'll see what happens over the next few months, but it's looking like this may happen like it or not. It's a crazy and scary time we're living in...

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