Anyone that knows me well, knows that I am the original Jeri Christmas!  I love everything about Christmas, the lights, the sounds, the music, the gift-giving, and ESPECIALLY, the Hallmark Countdown to Christmas! Yes, every movie is a love story.  And yes, every movie ends exactly the way you expect it to.  And yes, there are improbable themes, but I totally LOVE them.  They are my 90-minute escape from the hassles of everyday life in Lawton America.

attachment-Screenshot 2021-09-27 at 13-58-55 Hallmark Channel on Instagram “#CountdowntoChristmas arrives Oct 22 with all new holiday [...]

With big box stores already gearing up for the Holiday season, why not Hallmark Movies? New Movies are scheduled to start on October 22.  That may be just late enough in the month for me to use my 'Hallmark Christmas Watching Blanket'!

Interesting movies will include fan favorites like 'Winnie Cooper' from the Wonder Years, Danica McKellar in the premiere movie starting on October 22 with 'You, Me & The Christmas Trees'.

Another one that Country Music Fans will find interesting features Kimberly Williams Paisley (Wife of Brad Paisley) and her real-life sister Ashley Williams in two interconnected movies, 'Sister Swap: A Hometown Holiday', and 'Sister Swap: Christmas in the City.'  Dates for these movies have yet to be announced.

If you are like me you do not want to miss a single minute of hot cocoa, beautifully decorated small towns, improbable romances, and of course Santa! What better way to celebrate the good in all of us. Take a look at the schedule!

Hallmark is pretty smart too!  They've created an app so you can check them off as you go!  You can download the app here!

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