As the dry line fired across the plains, there certainly were some awesome moments in the sky. From tornadoes to rainbows, the mountains took a beating.

Starting yesterday around 5pm, the Emergency Alert Systems lit up the Downtown Studios with that all too familiar screech. Thunderstorm warnings were being issued. As a weather nerd, I volunteered to stick around in case it decided to hit the fan... and as it turned out, we didn't have to wait too long for that to happen.

Tornado warnings started popping up from Wichita Falls to Oklahoma City, but the tornado of the day had to be the funnel that rolled through the Wichita Mountains.

Wichita Mountains Tornado
Credit: Wildlife Officer Shawn Komahcheet

This warning and awesome photo happened just after 7pm last night, and luckily, there were no structures or people around to take any damage. In fact, it just sort of popped up and disappeared. Watch for yourself in this video shot by KFOR storm chasers Marc Dillard and Kevin Cosby.


It really got me thinking about how late this storm season is getting here. We've had it relatively easy this year. Are you as prepared this year for a twister as you could be?

Pack a bag and try to store some water away. If you can, pack away some snacks. Take a battery or crank operated radio. You probably know where your nearest shelter is, but also map out a Plan B just in case. Take an hour and run a family drill. Figure out exactly where you can take shelter in your home in case a storm hits suddenly.

If your home has a shelter, think about storing a few provisions in there. Water, snacks, battery/crank operated radio, blankets, ect... and most importantly, share your situation with social media.

While some might see Facebook updates during a possible disaster as ridiculous, it's really not. Just in case something happens, social media is the best place to store a little information about where you're going. It also establishes a timeline which can come in handy in case someone has to come looking for you.

Make plans now, that way you won't have to when moments count. And when the storm passes, maybe you'll catch some great photos.

The Mace Place
Credit: NJMace

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