When it comes to food, there is no shortage of opinions that make up any given recipe. A little more spice, maybe you prefer more salt, blue cheese instead of ranch, etc... the list of arguments goes on and on, but there are a handful of big-time debates that will seemingly never end.

Example: What goes on a proper hot dog?

Being a Texas boy at heart, I know the correct answer is chili and cheese. It's the classic summertime hot dog. You might think that onions belong on it too, but I don't like raw onion so we don't see eye to eye on that.

What about mustard? While I can admit the time-honored tradition of frankfurters will always require a proper German mustard, I wouldn't elect it personally for my dog. I've tried all sorts of mustards, I just don't like 'em. I don't even like anything from the mustard family... broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts.... bleh...

Relish? Sure, if you like relish. I'd rather squeeze a fresh-pack deli spear into the bun, but I get the desire for that dill flavor.

Ketchup? Have you tried ketchup on a hot dog before? It's not bad at all. While we can agree it doesn't belong on a dog, it tastes just fine to me with that quick hit of acidic sweet savoriness.

Mayonnaise? This one might be pushing a little far on the envelope, but I know people that eat their dogs with mayonnaise. It just seems weird taking a super fatty food and adding more fat to it... but if you've ever had Freddie's hot dog, drizzling a little spicy fry sauce on it tastes pretty OK, and it has a mayo base to it too...

The point is, I think most people argue the idea rather than the practicality of food. Back I the early 2000's, people instinctively revolted against the idea of eating hummus because "it's weird"... but in 2022, it's hard for supermarkets to keep it on their shelves because people discovered it's both tasty and a healthier option than your grandmas' old French onion dip.

If you like something on your hot dog, it technically belongs on your hot dog. Before you go hating on a food suggestion, maybe put your money literally where your opinion is and try it. Having eaten some ridiculously good vegan gumbo once, the results might surprise you.

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