So what new businesses or company is coming to Lawton, Fort Sill? If you've been on the Westside lately you've probably seen all the construction on Quannah Parker Trailway next to the Tractor Supply Co. at 7402 N.W. Sun Blvd. For the past several months construction crews have been hard at work on the new building and it's starting to take shape. Now everyone's trying to guess what will be going into the new location.

Some people are saying it's going to be a bank, others think it's going to be a new restaurant or shopping center. Well, I spoke to the next-door neighbor, Tractor Supply Co. and they told me it's going to be a new tire and wheel rental place. From what they said the new business will have tires of all kinds and you'll be able to rent wheels and rims. I've never heard of anything like that before, rim and wheel rentals, that's interesting.

Now it makes sense when you look at the building and imagine what it will be. You can tell by the garage door-sized openings across the front, those will be the car bays for tire and wheel installation. From the looks of it we could be seeing it open sometime early next year, if not sooner. All the exterior framing and roofing is done, now they're working on finishing the outside so they can get to work on the inside and parking lot.

We'll keep you posted on the official announcement and opening date. As soon as we hear anything we'll be sure to pass it along. It's great to see more new businesses move to town and provide more options and job opportunities. Even though we've been told it's a tire and wheel rental place, it's not 100% confirmed. Until the company that owns the building makes itself known and tells us this officially, it's all just rumor for now...

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