It's always sort of shocking what you can find online. I stumbled across a home video captured during the 1964 Armed Forces Day Parade in downtown Lawton. While the buildings don't look familiar, some of the signs do. One building jumps out at me because it looks just like the Southwest Abstract & Title sign, but it surely can't be the same building. Then you spot oddball standouts like General Acceptance loan company next to the Tropical Fish & Pets store.

I have no doubt there is someone who can spot these businesses and pinpoint where they once stood. As businesses change hands, and construction updates continue through the years, it's hard to pinpoint without that familiar skyline. Levine's, Vogue, JC Penney, and even KSWO pop out among the pawn and smaller shops, but as the camera pans, you can't really make out any land marks that would still be there. Like the courthouse or the now city hall building.

Traditionally, from what I've been told, C Avenue has generally been the standard parade route in Lawton since the early days. Being the 'hub' of downtown for decades, the old buildings and crowded streets really bring out that nostalgic feeling of yesteryear.

Some think this is the old C Avenue where the mall parking lot now sits, others think it's a little further down the block. Where do you think it is? Share this around, someone knows. Leave a comment, email me, or even just give me a shout - 580-581-3600

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