Your eyes aren't playing tricks on you! This Oklahoma bison has white fur from head to toe.

When you think of a bison, you automatically picture their fluffy brown fur. But one area of Oklahoma has a bison with white fur that roams around the plains.

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According to KFOR, a rare "genetically pure" white bison was recently identified in northeast Oklahoma under the care of the Quapaw Tribe in northeast Oklahoma. The white bison's name is "Frosty," which is a perfect name for a bison with white fur from head to toe!

The article states that Frosty's odds of existing is one in 10 million. The bison is the largest land mammal in North America, and in the 1800s, it nearly went extinct due to westward expansion. Less than 1,000 bison remained before conservation efforts were started. Now nearly 600,000 bison are roaming North America, most of which reside right here in Oklahoma! And those conservation efforts are what led to the discovery of Frosty.

In the article with KFOR, Director of Agriculture for the Quapaw Nation Mitch Albright oversees 175 bison and one day noticed that one of the bison looked different from the rest, that was Frosty. Four years ago, they sent Frosty's DNA to Texas A&M and that's when they learned that Frosty was genetically pure.

Albright said that he has seen a white bison before and the article notes that the Quapaw Nation is "lucky to have one in their care."

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