The 22nd Winter Olympics are underway in Russia. Since they are 10 hours ahead of us here in Oklahoma, many of the events have already been completed. The opening ceremonies are scheduled for tomorrow evening. But with all of the training that has been going on and now the competition gets underway, here is a question. How do our athletes competing stay warm? 

Many members of the U.S. ski and snowboard team got creative and came up with some ways to keep themselves and other team members warm throughout the games.  Of course, wearing layers is at the top of the list. This is the most important thing to do. So to keep warm, start with long underwear.

Then move to the feet. On your shoes, place some duct tape over the bottom near the toes. Not only will it keep them dry, it will help to keep feet warm. Your neck is also a body part that is exposed openly. most of the body heat escapes from your neck. Imperative that you keep it covered as well.

One of the simplest things we do every day will assist in keeping you warm. Breathe. Learning some meditation techniques in breathing will really help in keeping you warm. And last but not least, move. Yes, move your body. Wiggle and squim. Jump around swing arms do anything to keep your body in motion. Yeah, it might look ridiculous but it works. Your blood moves into your extremities and you will warm up.

Some good advice from our Olympians. Maybe it will work for the average person like me in this cold weather we are having.


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