Peggy D. Harris of Vernon, Texas was married to her husband Billie Harris for only six weeks when he was shipped off to fight in World War II. His final mission took place on July 17, 1944, and it would be 68 years before Peggy would find out the fate of her husband.

She was originally told he died in action, then was told he was alive and coming home, then told again he had died. Next came confusion over where he was buried, with no solid answers ever being offered.

Peggy spent time writing several letters to her congressman with no results, finally being told that Billie was officially listed as missing in action. Alton Harvey, Billie’s cousin, took matters into his own hands and started his own investigation.

The unbelievable answers he found have given Peggy peace after so many decades.

Peggy D. Harris of Vernon, Texas finds husband buried in Normandy American Cemetery
Peggy D. Harris of Vernon, Texas finds husband buried in Normandy American Cemetery

After doing some digging of his own, Alton Harvey found out that Peggy's husband is actually buried in the Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial in Normandy, France. Finally, Peggy is getting some long-awaited comfort and closure.

But it's the other amazing information that Harvey uncovered in his research that is doing more for Peggy than she could have ever imagined.

In the tiny Normandy, France town of Les Ventes the main road is actually called 'Place Billie D. Harris.' The town's people have been marching down this road three times a year for the past 60 years. They march down that road, in part, to commemorate the sacrifices of Billie D. Harris.

It turns out that Billie D. Harris' fighter plane was shot down while he was flying above Les Ventes and, despite his condition, Harris was able to maintain control of his aircraft long enough to avoid crashing into the village.

And still after more than 60 years, Billie D. Harris is a true hero to the town of Les Ventes - so much so that the Mayor of the town gets chocked up just mentioning his name.

Watch the incredible story of the Texas woman who spent 68 years wondering what happened to her husband:

This story originally aired in July of 2012 but has recently been recirculating on the Internet.

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