It takes a soulless kind of evil to look longingly at a child and feel a carnal urge. How many tragic stories have we all heard on the subject throughout our lives? It broils up feelings of uncontrollable and just violence deep within even the kindest, most gentle humans.

You would think that after nearly twenty years of prime-time television like Dateline: To Catch A Predator and the countless other spinoffs and copycat programs it inspired, people would be suspicious when it seems their deepest, darkest desires are suddenly coming true... but they still load up and head out to snatch innocence straight off the vine.

While I'm sure every state has its own problems with child predators and sex trafficking, it's nice to know there are those that spend their time weeding out the worst in humanity one pervert at a time.

There's a channel on YouTube called Oklahoma Predator Prevention that does just that. They will work the chats and social media online as a child-decoy in order to expose these alleged worthless pieces of excrement for what they are.

It works like any other sting operation you've seen... A fair bit of chatting, things turn sexual in nature, they schedule a time and place to meet and presto... they bust the pervert that's trying to lure a child into the bedroom.

Sometimes the law is involved, other times it's not. Some of us believe child predators should be shot on site... no reform, no second chance, bang - done. Others still believe there is salvation for even the worst of humanity. Either way, these OPP people are publicly exposing perverts for their crimes. That being said, people are generally innocent until proven guilty by a court of law, but this still has to burn your buns, especially since they almost all turn out the same.

OPP Volunteer: "Hey (name of pervert), who are you here to meet?"

Pervert: "Uh, nobody. I'm not even here..." then walks away in what looks like shame.

It's nice to know in a world where the public confuses posting emotional feels on social media is the same as being proactive in a situation, there are still those willing to sacrifice their own time, money, patience, and safety to seek out even the tiniest justice on our collective kids' behalf.

While the Oklahoma Predator Prevention YouTube channel is worth a deep dive, it's not for the faint of heart. The language is really rough and the tempers flare very high. Still, it's absolutely worth supporting so they can keep doing what they do.

If you haven't seen it yet, in December they "busted" a Lawton man that allegedly drove up to OKC to smoke meth and meet a thirteen-year-old for some illegal boom-boom.

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