How many times have you seen one of those 'cop antagonizing' videos? You know, where a person goes out of their way to hit a police check point just so they can be difficult, or in this case, walking in and around the local PD facilities in an attempt to be confrontational to an officer of the law. They've become quite popular over the years.

Well, the Lawton Police Department recently had the opportunity to experience this first hand. The person who operates the News Now OKC YouTube channel drove all the way down to our neck of the woods, camera in hand, and started walking around filming in hopes of getting a good confrontation going. Sure, first and foremost, as this is a public place, he has every right to walk around and film areas that don't specifically prohibit it... but when someone who works at LPD approaches to naturally be inquisitive of the silent filming, he wants to pipe-down and invoke his rights. Which again, is perfectly fine. There's no law against being an A-hole.

These people call themselves "First Amendment Auditors," and the whole point is to see how far they can push a boundary before someone will push back. Unfortunately, police officers make the easy target. They spend their shifts dealing with the ugly side of the community. Drugs, domestic issues, angry people they just issued tickets to... So, naturally, camera wielding agents of agitation will seek them out, create confrontation, then cry wolf when an officer finally reaches a point of frustration. The last steps usually include becoming the innocent "victim" and/or suing the department of which the officer works. Either way, perfectly summing up the differences between 'Right' and 'Legal.'

Kudos to LPD for not giving this dude the confrontation he so desperately wanted. They continue to have the peoples respect.

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