I just got back from a wonderful visit with my son Tyler in Ft. Benning, Georgia.  The visit was perfect, the traveling, not so much.  Why is it that what I see as reasonable, isn't they way things happen?  I have a few pet peeves from the weekend.

1.  Housekeeping

If your Hotel/Motel knows that you are staying for more that one night, (and, believe me they know!) why do they still insist on trying to clean your room at 10am?  Can't we make the housekeeping shift a split shift?  Clean the rooms that are empty, then come back and clean the ones that will be staying for more that one day.  We were always out of our room before Noon, but they never came back in the afternoon.  No made beds, no fresh towels.  Just seems like common sense to me.

2.  Cruise Control

Am I wrong, or is the purpose of 'Cruise Control' to control the speed of your car?  When you set your Cruise, you will go the speed set within one or two MPH.  Right?  Then can someone please tell me why you would ride the bumper of a car going the speed limit for 30 miles in the center lane?  Why not just go around if you are in a bigger hurry than the speed limit?  Why wait for us to move over to the slow lane before you pass?  Oh, it makes me mad just thinking about it again!

3.  Toilet Paper

We stopped at a very nice hotel on the way home.  It had the prettiest bathroom.  A nice wood cabinet and tile floors.  It also had a space for an extra roll of toilet paper.  Unfortunately this is another of my pet peeves.  If you go to all the trouble of creating a special toilet paper roller with a space behind it for the extra roll, why can't you make it a half an inch deeper so that when you try to get toilet paper it will roll freely?  It's so frustrating when you grab for the roll and all you get is a square or two because it's dragging on the extra roll!

4.  Bathroom Doors

This goes with the same theme as the toilet paper holder.  When you have a huge bathroom, why does the door just clear the toilet by ONE INCH?  Really?  Could you not plan this any better than that?  You have to move totally around the toilet to close the bathroom door.

Is it just me?  Maybe I am being way to picky, but I don't think so!