Here we go again.  Starting to sound like a broke record.  (Remember those?)  Seems like every time I turn around, I am finding out that someone, or some entity or whatever has an issue surrounding the American Flag.

This time it is a home owners association Villas at Taramina in Macedonia, Ohio.  The 77 year old retired Army Chaplain put a flag pole in his front yard to honor his country and the military.

Unfortunately, the homeowners association further known in this post as (HA) did not see it that way.  The (HA) states that in their bi-laws you can put a flag pole on your house but not in your yard without permission.

They are trying to force this veteran to who by the way, was serving his country long before any of those self righteous members or owners of that community were even born or thought of and protecting our freedoms so you all can live in this country and try to force you "(HA) rules down our throats."

Fred Quigley the Vet at the center of this latest controversy has retained a lawyer.  According to Quigley's lawyer, Ohio law states that there are no enforceable restrictions on how one can display the American flag.

Mr Quigly has said that "If they can dictate to me that I cannot fly an American flag in America, then, to  me, the country is lost."

Not to be out done the (HA) has retained their own lawyer.  Who just happens to be a representative of the (HA) and who just happens to own the property in question.

Hmmm.  Can there really be justice here?  Get off his back.  Quit wasting the taxpayers money in the court system.  Spend the money you was going to use in court and give to a charitable organization like Disabled Vets of America or Wounded Veterans of America.

Let the flag fly high and free.  You are free right?  Thank God for Vets like Mr. Quigley who do not want to nor will back down form people who just don't get it.