If you missed total darkness in Oklahoma during the 2024 solar eclipse, you'll have another chance at totality in 2045! Oklahoma will again be in the path of totality during the next total solar eclipse.

Where did Oklahoma see total darkness in 2024?

Millions of people headed towards southeast Oklahoma on Monday, April 8, for a chance to experience totality from a solar eclipse. Many Oklahomans and people from across the United States were able to witness total darkness in the middle of the afternoon during the 2024 solar eclipse. Other areas of the Sooner State just witnessed a partial eclipse.

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When is the next total solar eclipse?

So, if you're experiencing FOMO from everyone's total darkness posts from the solar eclipse, then you'll want to start planning for the next total solar eclipse. Oklahoma will once again be in the path of totality for the next solar eclipse, which is slated to take place August 12, 2045.

So if you can wait 20 years, you can make plans to be in northeast Oklahoma on that date to experience total darkness from a solar eclipse. According to a map from NationalEclipse.com, it looks like areas of eastern, north east and parts of the Oklahoma panhandle will get to see total darkness from a solar eclipse in 2045.


Keep your solar eclipse glasses!

If you were able to watch the 2024 with your solar eclipse glasses, you'll want to go ahead and just keep them. You'll be able to use them again in 2045! According to the American Astronomical Association, solar eclipse glasses do not expire, and you can use them again if the lenses do not have any punctures, scratches or tears.

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