The solar eclipse has come and gone over Oklahoma for 2024! Thousands of people across the United States flocked to Oklahoma and Texas for glimpse at totality during yesterday's solar eclipse. Now many Oklahomans are wondering what to do with their solar eclipse glasses.

Luckily, there are several places across the Sooner State where Oklahomans can recycle or donate their used solar eclipse glasses. So don't throw them away!

Oklahoma experienced a total solar eclipse on Monday, April 8.

The 2024 solar eclipse passed through the United States on Monday, April 8. And small area of southeast Oklahoma got to experience totality. Thousands of people from across Oklahoma and throughout the United States watched the solar eclipse in Idabel, Oklahoma, to experience total darkness from the solar eclipse.

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Other areas of the Sooner State witnessed a partial eclipse on Monday. Several people stepped outside their office, homes and schools to experience this rare event. And of course everyone looked up the sky while wearing their solar eclipse glasses.

What do we do with our solar eclipse glasses?

Now that the solar eclipse is over, many Oklahomans are wondering, "what do I do with my solar eclipse glasses?" Before you just toss them in the trash, check out these places in Oklahoma where you can recycle and donate your solar eclipse glasses!

Donate your solar eclipse glasses in Oklahoma.

If you're wanting to donate your solar eclipse glasses, you can drop them off at any Warby Parker locations in Oklahoma. The eyewear business is accepting the donations on behalf of Astronomers Without Borders, which will send the glasses to underserved communities for future solar eclipse events.

You can also mail your solar eclipse glasses to Eclipse Glasses USA, which is collecting glasses for the upcoming eclipse in October. Mail your undamaged glasses to Eclipse Glasses USA, LLC, PO BOX 50571, Provo, UT 84605.

Recycle your eclipse glasses in Oklahoma.

If your town in Oklahoma offers recycling, you can recycle your solar eclipse glasses! All you have to do is remove the lenses and recycle the cardboard.

Keep your solar eclipse glasses.

According to an article from USA Today, "the American Astronomical Society says solar eclipse glasses do not expire." So if you want to hang on to your solar eclipse glasses for the next one in 20 years, you can! As long as there are no punctures, scratches or tears, you can use your solar eclipse glasses again in 2045.

The next total solar eclipse will take place August 12, 2045. And areas of northeast Oklahoma are expected to be in the path of totality! So maybe saving your solar eclipse glasses from this year would be a good idea. Just remember where you put them!

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