People from Oklahoma to Tennessee are familiar with the different types of tornadoes, and the towns infamous ones struck. But have you ever heard of the "Dead Man Walking" tornado?

How are tornadoes graded?

According to the National Weather Service, tornadoes are graded based on the Enhanced Fujita Scale, or "EF Scale," which "is used to assign a tornado a 'rating' based on estimated wind speeds and related damage." Tornadoes are rated anywhere from EF0 to EF5. Usually the ones people remember were rated an EF5.

Below is the EF Scale for tornadoes:

  • EF0 - 65-85 mph wind gusts
  • EF1 - 86-110 mph wind gusts
  • EF2 - 111-135 mph wind gusts
  • EF3 - 136-165 mph wind gusts
  • EF4 - 166-200 mph wind gusts
  • EF5 - Over 200 mph wind gusts

So what's the 'Dead Man Walking' tornado?

The official tornado EF scale doesn't have much to do with the "Dead Man Walking" tornado, but the ones recorded have been high on the scale. According to an article from New Hampshire Public Radio, the term "Dead Man Walking" for tornadoes, refers a term coined by tribal elders with the Cherokee nation.

They would refer "Dead Man Walking" to tornadoes with "two simultaneous tornadoes spawned from one thunderstorm." This often makes the tornado look like it's walking across the sky. And since tornadoes often cause death and destruction, it would represent a dead man walking.

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Where has there been 'Dead Man Walking' tornadoes?

It appears "Dead Man Walking" tornadoes have occurred in almost every state within tornado alley. Below are the tornado events where "Dead Man Walking" tornadoes have been spotted.

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