If you are looking for something to do this weekend, why not take the short drive to Apache for the Apache Rattlesnake Festival? For nearly 30 years, Ron Orf, "Fang" Master for the festival, has  welcomed adults and children alike to spend the weekend with those slithery friends, the Western Diamondback Rattlesnake.

During a visit to the KLAW Studio this week, Orf promises fun for everyone.  There will be carnival fun, plus live music, and the super popular snake pit.

Jeri Anderson

Jeri Anderson, part of KLAW's Morning Crew remembers the first (and only) time in the snake pit.  "I was terrified.  There were snakes everywhere, and Ron (Orf), just kept piling them on my feet.  They are so cold! Then Ronnie Orf, Ron's son, took his snake pole and goosed me in the rear!  I thought for sure that I was bit!  Then I realized that the snakes couldn't get that high, and started breathing again.  It was fun, but once was plenty for me."



The Apache Rattlesnake Festival begins on Thursday, April 19, and runs through, Sunday, April 22.  If you missed Ron Orf's interview with The Morning Crew, we have it here for you!

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