This is always a busy time of the year at our house.  We are weaning the fall born calves from their mommas and the spring babies are being born.  I hate weaning and I love calving!

Calf nursing

I hate weaning because I can't sleep.  The calves and the mommas bawl for each other for about 3-5 days until either the mommas give up and go back to the pasture or they lose their voices.  I asked David if we could let them out last night and he said that they would either go through the fence to get out or they would nurse through the fence.  I feel so bad for them.  This is what it sounds like around The Mace Place during weaning:

I love spring calving because the weather is starting to warm up and the babies are running all over the wheat pastures with their tales straight up in the air enjoying the nice warm sun.

Living the farm life is both rewarding and challenging but I wouldn't trade it for a life time of pizza delivery.

New Born Bull Calf