Last night David spent most of the evening in the barn working on his swather. One thing I can tell you, we don't have new equipment on our place. It's old equipment that has been salvaged from his Grandmother's pasture, long ago parked in that spot waiting to rust away to nothing.

David has taken equipment that was buried in dirt to it's axles and restored it to a working piece of equipment. The swather was purchased from a farm somewhere near Yukon and it took us hours to get it home then weeks or months to get it into working order. We didn't pay a lot for it but it works just fine now.

This is one of the things we pride ourselves in on the Mace Place. Taking something that has been discarded and make it work for us. We don't have a lot of debt and our equipment isn't the prettiest shiniest piece of equipment but it works just fine for what we need. Sure, we would love to have new equipment that would make the work go twice as fast, but as Miranda Lambert says in her song 'Automatic'

Cause when everything is handed to you it's only worth as much as the time put in.

I was so happy to hear the roar of the diesel engine on the swather last night and the smell of fresh cut hay this evening. It's been two long years since we have cut our own hay. We are so thankful for the rain and the grass that has grown to tickle the bellies of the cattle. Maybe this will work out after all.