I am beat! I had to come back to work this morning so I could rest. David thinks we need to work all weekend long.

Saturday morning David's alarm went off at 6 a.m. I rolled over and asked why the heck his alarm was going off so early. He told me we were going to sort and move some cattle. "UGH!" A rare Saturday off indeed.

I drag myself out of bed, make some coffee, get dressed, brush my teeth, grab a protein bar and out the door we went.  We sorted, hauled, vaccinated, banded and since we missed ear tagging them as soon as they hit the ground I had the bright idea of writing a number on their backs while Dr. Kirkpatrick had them in the shoot.

I love to watch everything that goes on at the vet. While we were there on Saturday two big beautiful red angus bulls were unloaded. I went down to the chute to see what was going on and immediately made a bee line back to the truck. There are two things I can't watch when we are at the vet; dehorning (I can't stand the smell or the bawling) and...well, let's say testing how fertile a bull is! The beautiful bulls were there for the latter.

After working our cattle, we hauled the babies back home and put them in the lot with their Mommas and just sat back and watched as they paired up again.  We let them nurse for awhile (I love how their little noses get all white with milk) and I wrote down which number calf went with which Momma.  We ran them back in the tub and ear tagged them. I think that worked pretty good!

Then we moved onto the heifers. David wanted to retag them to get them ready for spring breeding. We have a pretty simple method of identifying spring cows from fall cows; yellow tags for the cows that will calve in the spring and orange tags for the cows that will calve in the fall.  After retagging the heifers for spring calving it was on to hauling hay and fixing fence.

By the end of the day I was really looking forward to the colder weather on Sunday. My husband David hates cold weather so I knew we would be spending most of the day in the house.

I did get some pretty funny pictures of the calves while we were working them so I thought I would share them with you. Hope you enjoy.