When we woke up on Sunday morning I was surprised to see all the "white" on the ground and covering our vehicles in the drive. I know the weather man "predicted" wintry precipitation but who listens to them except those that clear the shelves at Walmart the night before a predicted storm. Both David and I procrastinated Sunday morning but it was inevitable, we had to go out and feed cattle. He bundled up in about 3 layers of jackets and cover-alls; his winter gloves and his toboggan (that would be a knit cap). I wore my yoga pants, a sweatshirt, a light jacket and my mud boots. I grabbed my camera as we walked out the door.

First, I had to feed the dog. He has this huge dog pen that he refuses to go into. I put feed in his bowl and then closed the doggy door so he would stay in and eat while we were out feeding cattle. I'm sorry but I busted out laughing when, as I turned to walk out the human door, he turned and ran to his doggy door only to crash and burn because it didn't open. I know it sounds cruel but I laughed all the way out to open the gate. David is sitting in his pickup looking at me like I'm crazy because I was laughing so hard.

Next I had to go check on my horse. Her blanket is a little big and keeps sliding off to the side. I straightened her out and just had to take a picture. Even though she was covered with snow she still looked cute.

Now, off to feed the cattle. They run after the feed truck because they know that little white door on the side is going to open and food will drop out. Guess what? The switch is broken and the door won't open. David had to go get another pickup with a different feeder on it to feed them. While he was gone I decided to take pictures.

It was a beautiful day if you didn't have to get out and drive in it. No wind, a light snow falling. Perfect day to sit in the house and watch movies.

I hope you all had a fun Sunday playing in the snow.