Not so long ago a rancher would saddle up his horse and ride out to either move cattle from one pasture to another or to bring them up to graze on winter wheat. Where I grew up, in northern South Dakota, they would ride out and bring the cattle up close to the barn for winter.

Today, on my way into work, I watched as a rancher was driving his big dually pickup into the pasture to feed his horses. One was laying in the grass, the other two were standing there watching him get closer and closer. I found this very funny and at that exact moment I determined that cows are like dogs and horses are like cats.

When David and I go out to feed all he has to do is start the feed truck and the cattle come running. No need to saddle a horse, no need to make an effort at all. They follow the feed truck and wait for that little flap on the side of the feeder to open and dump the cubes on the ground. The horses on the other hand, they just stand there and look at you like "bring it to me". I'm totally fine right where I'm at.