I shared a photo last night on Facebook that was all in fun. It was pretty cool looking, but a fake. Of course it's obvious but as a one time paint owner I can tell you what to look for to notice it was a fake. Here is the photo:


As you can see, someone has painstakingly made it appear that the spots on the horse spell "horse". Do you see it now?

Here is the actual horse compared to the photo shopped horse.

What I saw immediately was the brown "dot" in the O on the horses hip. You would never see that type of spot in the middle of the white on this type of paint horse.

There are actually two types of paint horses - tobiano and overo (three if you count tovero). I raised tobiano paints. Here is a painting that Orren Mixer did to demonstrate the difference between the two paints. As you can see the overo paint has a more jagged edge on their spots and most normally white never touches their backs. The Tobiano paint has a more distinct edge on their spots and almost always the white crosses over their backs.

Stock Photo

This is my beautiful mare J&M's Beauty Bug. I lost her several years ago to colic. I raised her from a yearling and she had 3 foals. Bugsy (which I sold to a gentleman in Ada), Daisey (who died at the age of 4) and Nicki (whom you all have heard the stories about). I miss my paints. To me, riding a paint is like riding a work of art. No two ever look alike.

Beauty Bug
Bugs Bold Intimidator "Daisy"