COVID-19 has claimed another National chain that will be closing stores due to the pandemic and it's negative economic impact. Bed Bath & Beyond announced that it will be closing over 200 stores in the U.S. and Canada over the next few years. Recently they listed the first 60 plus stores that will be closed by year's end.

Prior to the virus they were doing well. Unfortunately due to closing down and not doing any business for the past several months due to COVID-19 has had a serious negative impact on them. It's an all too familiar story and we keep hearing it over and over from locally owned to larger chain businesses here in town. Some will make it through this and sadly some won't. We need to do our part to help in anyway we can so we can save as many local businesses as possible.

Unfortunately the closures and this restructuring is necessary to offset losses the company suffered and continues to suffer during the pandemic and shutdowns. The most recent list of around 63 stores does not include Lawton so that's some good news. So for right now it looks like the Bed Bath & Beyond on 2nd Street will remain open. They closed temporarily during the first couple of months of the pandemic but the doors are back open and they're ready to greet you.

Hopefully moving forward into next year and 2022 our location in Lawton will remain safe and open. The company will continue to select various stores to close that are struggling and under performing. Bed Bath & Beyond is a great store and having one in Lawton has been fantastic. They have a little bit of everything and is one of our favorite place to shop during the holidays.

There's no telling how many more businesses will close due to the pandemic and shutdowns. The last thing Lawton needs is more businesses shutting their doors and moving off. It not only affects our shopping options, think of those who will lose their jobs and the lost tax revenues for the city's budget. There's still hope and you can help out by stopping by and shopping at Bed Bath & Beyond 421 N.W. 2nd Street.

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