I love this time of year!  Of course it comes around twice a year in Oklahoma.  It's fall calving season.  David and I don't run very many cows but we sure do enjoy what some might call being gentleman farmers.  We run about 40 momma cows and split them between spring and fall calving.  I much prefer the fall calving season because at least the days are a little cooler (mostly) and if a Momma is having trouble calving you're not out in below freezing weather trying to help her.  This year the Mommas are having to travel pretty far to get to water so they hide their babies really good while they go get a drink.

Our cows aren't herded with horses.  We just start up the feed truck and they come running.  They aren't scattered over thousands of acres, we can probably see most of them at any given point in time.

We don't have any bulls so we're not out fixing fences where the bulls have been fighting.  We artificially inseminate all our cows and then rent a bull for cover if we need to.

It's not a lot of work but I guess that's why we still enjoy it.  It brings us pleasure and enough money to pay all the vet bills, feed bills, truck repairs and equipment repairs to keep the operation going and that's about it.  I hate to see a lot of young kids walking away from the family operations.  David and I are 4th generation to live and work on the Mace Place.  We wouldn't give it up for anything!  But there is no one to leave it to either.

Now, if we could just get some rain.....