With phone regularly pushing the $1200 mark these days, it's amazing to see what a grand would get you just eight years ago. Enter to Sony Ericsson Xperia Pureness. It featured a massive 1.8" 240p translucent screen, 2GB of memory, and managed to keep a 90 total number log of calls... Which is weird to think about considering I can still see the call log from the day I bought my phone in 2013.

Technology has not only changed nearly everything about how we do business, connect with others, and share moments and memories... Smartphones have also allowed us to fall into this pit of rudeness towards our fellow humans. Whether it be on Facebook, Twitter beefs, Insta-fights, etc... While some phone do still push up over the thousand dollar mark, I'm thinking that once my rock solid Note3 finally gives out, a flip phone might be just what humanity needs.

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