You ever meet someone that feels so totally deep for something, that their logic just turns you off completely? Strap in kids... This is going off the rails.

It's pretty ironic that Don Cheadle would opt-in to play a version of Captain Planet so hilariously familiar to the Thanos he spent ten years trying to defeat. True, the Thanos plot wasn't clear in those early Ironman flicks, but you get the picture. While it's hilarious, I can't help but think, while Funny or Die is aiming for satire here, this is pretty true to the deepest holders of the feels out there.

Fun Fact: I have a pretty long and terrific friendship with a person that loves and cares about Mother Earth so much, he's totally on board with a nuclear holocaust wiping out all of humanity just to save it. We've debated over the years about "why" if there's no life to enjoy the planet, where is the value in saving it... It usually almost always turns into him yelling, I get increasingly more sarcastic, and he eventually blows a gasket. Good fun all around. That's what this video reminds me of... Killing all for the sake of our rock.

Don't get me wrong... I'm not looking too far into this. I'm not making this political. I'm not the type of person that thinks we, as humans, have no effect on the planet we live. I'll never hold a snowball up to justify proof climate change isn't real, and I'll never accuse someone rolling coal of killing the earth... I'll make fun of someone rolling coal because it's a trait of tiny-peen dudes that listen to Jason Aldean while denying their true inner-self... but I just can't help but see this video short as so familiar to my real life. There has been so many movies where the bad guy was some social justice climate warrior out there, I have to believe there are people sitting around thinking up ways to kill off mankind for the sake of the planet.

If you're all about better mileage because of the earth, good for you. If you're all about better mileage because of money savings, good for you. If you're all about better mileage because of some other reason I can't think of right now, good for you too. You do you, don't worry about what anyone else thinks... unless you seriously "roll coal." You should at least know you peaked in high school, and society pities you and your fragile masculinity more than anything.

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