Cable cutters of the world rejoice, introducing the all new Miller Lite Cantenna! This handy little device will help you watch all the games legally. It's a Miller Lite beer can with a digital TV antenna built right in. It's fashionable and functional decor at it's absolute finest. With this little contraption you can tune in and not worry about violating any Federal laws, facing fines for illegal streaming or worse, missing the game.

That's the biggest problem with cancelling cable, you end up having to find streaming services that have the channels you watch most, all the while trying to save some money. If you're not careful you end up spending more money or you can't find a service that has the programming or sports you want. Well you can always go old school by using a TV antenna to help pick up the local channels that typically have the games you're looking for, both college and pro. That's where the Miller Lite Cantenna comes in!

It's an actual digital TV antenna you plug in so you can pick up local channels and watch the games. This little beauty isn't available in stores, but you could win one. All you have to do is visit the Miller Lite Cantenna website by clicking here and enter to win, It's that easy!  You can also call 877-CANTENNA that's 1-(877)-226-8366. The sweep steaks for entry will run until Monday, October 12th 2020 (10-12-20).

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