Late last week on Friday (07-17-20) the City of Lawton passed a mandatory mask ordinance. The city council voted (6-1) to require all persons to wear a face mask in public, especially indoors and wherever crowds are present. If you're needing details or have questions about the new order visit

The Lawton, Fort Sill Chamber of Commerce notified it's members today that the city of Lawton is requesting that all local and area businesses help with the new mask ordinance as much as possible. They aren't asking businesses to enforce the order just assist with informing the public that the order is in place and that it needs to be followed.

The notice from the city or letter from the Mayor's office also asks that businesses refuse service to anyone not in compliance. If a person indicates that a medical condition excuses them from wearing a mask to ask if they have a note from their doctor. These were the main actions they're asking Lawton businesses to do along with posting signage at all entryways that a face mask is required in accordance with the city ordinance.

Lawton is still getting use to the new face mask order. It's difficult on everyone, but I'm sure more so for businesses. It has to be difficult for them to refuse service to customers and have to be on the front line of this ordinance. No one wants to be the bad guy or have to confront others, especially when they're customers. Hopefully this order will help slow or stop the spread of COVID-19 so we can once and for all get back to normal. Whatever that is.