The City of Lawton will launch a citywide bulk cleanup campaign to get citizens ready to make room for the holiday.

The City will initiate the cleanup process in three phases.

Phase 1: Which will take place on Oct. 3 through Oct. 6 will allow residents who live between West 97th Street and West 38th Street to take out their bulk items.

Phase 2: Will resume on Oct. 10 through Oct. 13, residents who live on West 38th through Railroad Street will have their bulk picked up next.

Phase 3: Will wrap-up the operation on Oct. 17 through Oct. 20 where residents between Railroad Street and East 60th Street will be allowed to dispose of their bulk items.

The City of Lawton states that all bulk items must be placed out at the street near the curb. All bulk items must be places five feet away from normal city trash, mail boxes, gas meters, etc. or they will not be picked up.

All small items should be placed in disposable containers on the scheduled pickup time.

For additional information about the Fall Cleanup Campaign call the City of Lawton, Solid Waste Division at 581.3413.

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