Summer is almost universally known as "Rodeo Season" across Oklahoma, and it is in full swing.

While the Sooner State has no shortage of rodeo action during the warm summer months, there are a handful of standouts that are considered "must-see" events.

The Gene Autry Open Rodeo, 101 Wild West Rodeo, Great Plains Stampede, Will Rogers Memorial, Rooster Days, Lawton Rangers Rodeo, and Bullnanza... The rest of them, while judged on a smaller scale are still as entertaining.

Case and point, the Poteau, Oklahoma Rodeo.

While it has gone through changes over the years, it's a good community event that offers as much fun as spectacular sights... as is the case of this round of cowboy poker.

If you've never seen cowboy poker played, this is how it goes. Rodeo organizers invite any willing person to stand in a specified portion of the arena and they turn loose one of the bucking bulls. The last person standing in the circle wins whatever prize they have to offer.

As you can imagine it's as hilarious as it is dangerous... but Okie rednecks like us are built different. This poor guy got his full admissions worth of fun.

@kirkgaither #poteauoklahoma #rodeo #cowboypoker #bulls ♬ original sound - Kirk Gaither

It's a classic case of Praise the Cameraman.

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