Joining us once again for our Ft. Sill Update, MG Mark McDonald kept us updated on happenings around Ft. Sill during the segment with the Morning Crew.


Items in this weeks Ft. Sill Update included:

Revised Transition Assistance Program-

Ft. Sill is a pilot site for the new revisions to the Transition Assistance program which helps soldiers move from Military life to Civilian employment.  MG McDonald says it's important to work out those kinks before the program is adopted nationwide, and it's an assignment that Ft. Sill has volunteered for.


Ft. Sill Crowns Another Champ-

SFC Jonathan Mejil from the 31st Air Defense Brigade was crowned the U. S. Army Combatives Champion in the bantamweight devision.

2012 US Army Soldier Show -

Dates have been announced for the 2012 US Army Soldier Show.  This 90 minute live musical production is by soldiers for soldiers, and will be help August 28, at 7pm.

Movie on the Beach, at Letra

"Babe" is the movie of choice for this Saturday night's movie on the beach.  Grab your blanket and enjoy a movie under the stars.


Lawton Birthday Celebration/Ranger's Rodeo

Congratulations from Ft. Sill on Lawton's 111th Birthday coming up Monday, August 6.

MG McDonald also reports that once again the historic Ft. Sill Half Section will perform all 4 nights of the Lawton Rangers Rodeo, Aug. 8-11 at the L. O. Ranch Arena.  Saturday night will be Military appreciation night at the Rodeo.

To listen to the update in full, click below.




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