This one will hit you right in the feels! Rob Anderson the street magician who became an instant internet star awhile back and was featured on all the major news and talk shows has done it once again! Awhile back Anderson approached a homeless Veteran who was holding a sign that read: 'Anything Helps.' He ripped the sign apart, then revealed that the sign was back together and contained money which he donated to the Vet.  If you haven't seen the video click here to give it a watch.

That video has been viewed millions of times and has lead to all kinds of charitable donations which Anderson uses to help other Veterans. In his new video he helps out a family who's going through some hard times, hopefully the giving continues so more people can be helped. It's sad to think that these brave men and woman, our Veterans who have sacrificed so much aren't getting the help and assistance they need. It's up to us to take care of them and do what we can to show our thanks and appreciation for all they've done!

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