We had the opportunity to go inside the new Chick-Fil-A on Cache Road in Lawton, OK. and get a sneak peek of what's to come. Owner/manager Jonathan Pickett invited us in for an exclusive look and we were all to happy to take him up on the offer. Good news. We got the official word today that the wait is almost over. The Cache Road Chick-Fil-A location will be back up and running on Thursday, August 6th 2020 (08-06-20). To say we're a little excited is putting it mildly, we can't wait and we're even more excited after seeing the new building and facilities.

The new and improved Chick-Fil-A is MUCH BIGGER than the old one. The restaurant and dining area are a lot larger and the parking lot is more than double what it use to be. Jonathan told us that the Cache Road location here in Lawton was one of the very first free-standing Chick-Fil-A restaurants in Oklahoma and the oldest, dating back to 1995. So it was due to have a facelift and expansion. All the much needed improvements we've talked about over the years have been addressed. Things like traffic, parking, drive thru lanes and dinning room facilities.

First off it will be a lot easier to get in and out of the parking lot and drive thru. They've expanded the parking and order lanes so you'll no longer have to cut through the parking lot to get in line. Speaking of the drive thru, it will now feature 3 order lanes and they're covered! Plus the new lanes now have fans and even heaters. That's not all, the new parking lot is separated from the drive thru and pick-up. This has always been an issue in the past, but no more. They really thought this through and have made major improvements with traffic flow, parking and the drive thru.

New Chick-Fil-A on Cache Road in Lawton, OK.

The new kitchen is MASSIVE with over 1,700 square feet. It's set up by station with each section having a specific role or customer they will be assisting. Dine in and drive thru/pick up basically have their own kitchen and staff working their orders. Between this and the updated parking and drive thru lanes the new Chick-Fil-A will be able to handle roughly 200 cars per hour! You'll be able to get in and get out much, much quicker than you use to.

A big part of that is the employees and all the staffing the new location will have. If you're currently looking for a job they are still hiring visit: www.chick-fil-a.com for all the details. They plan to have around 120 employees by the time it's re-opened. Positions are still available so go to the site and fill out your application if you're interested.

I didn't know this before our tour but Chick-Fil-A makes all their salads fresh, the biscuits we all know and love are homemade and they even hand batter their own chicken. No wonder it all tastes so good! While Jonathan was showing us around and letting us look behind the curtain he was kind enough to play 20 questions. I had to know what this did and what that is. Of course he answered the main question, the re-open date (08-06-20). And for us Chick-Fil-A Peach Milkshake loving individuals it sounds like they'll be serving them for a limited time when they open back up. I say the Peach Milkshake should be a PERMANENT item on the menu, NOT SEASONAL! Maybe we can get Jonathan to help us convince them of this. I mean it's not too much to ask...

The new dinning room and playground are beautiful, a real improvement from what we had. There's a lot more space, tables and dinning area than before. Everything is brand new and looks amazing. The design and overall appearance of the new building inside and out is top notch. Looking forward to the grand re-opening. They will have to delay opening the dinning room due to COVID-19, however the drive thru and pick up orders will be a go!

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