Every once in a while social media will remind you that life is good.  This morning this picture, as well as the post by Macy Lauren Lewis, ripped my heart out.  What impact does it have on you?  Your comments?

My kids show animals and often it seems difficult to put up with the responsibilities of showing animals but this should put it into perspective.

Macy Lauren Lewis posted on her facebook page, "We whine because we have to walk out to the barn at 5 AM to rinse stock. We complain because we can't hang out with friends at night because we have to clean pens. We get frustrated when our lamb doesn't brace, our pig gets caught in a corner, or our steer won't stand straight... We take those frustrations for granted. Those frustrations are blessings in disguise."

She continues to say, "We are lucky to walk out the barn, we are lucky we can clean pens,& we are LUCKY we can brace lambs. God has blessed his many showmen in different ways. Sometimes we need a little eye opener to see the tiny things we take for granted."

God Bless everyone who reads, absorbs, and emulates the message of this post.